Studio Lead UI & UX @ King / Activision / Blizzard



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Tobias Holmgren

I'm a strong believer in keeping it simple. I'm obsessive over craft, curious, empathetic, rigorous, and experimental. I appreciate a holistic way of solving design problems in collaborative teams. I like quick thinking , rapid prototyping, and learning through testing but not discounting a designer's intuition.

I strive to learn what works and do more of it. Learn what doesn't and change it.

As a design leader, I seekcreative excellence at every touch-point. I'm a passionate about digital design, users, trends, competitors and culture. Through listening, learning and mining insights.

I'm a firm believer that simple is hard. And that design is truly about problem solving and making people's lives better.

I'm a passionate leader of creative teams. At King, I lead our UX and UI team of 15+ creatives and help transform the creative culture, community, and quality of work. I provide leadership, vision, and support for the Visual & Experience Design team and ensure that our Design practice exceeds the highest industry standards, while attracting and retaining the best designers. I champion Design Thinking, Visual Design, and User Experience Design to help guide the vision of our user engagements, company communications, and studio culture. This also includes defining and evangelizing industry leading design practices, speaking to those standards within the studio, collaborating across geographies to define practice standards, and advocate our leading position within the industry.

I remain extremely hands-on, being actively involved in pixel-level detail, every day.

My time at King has given me an incredible opportunity to work with and lead teams on a wide range of projects. I have a good 11+ years industry experience, working across many different fields ranging from pure digital, web, interactive, UI, connected product interfaces, mobile, software & application design, brand identity and interactive service/product/platform design.